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All Ears in Hearing is here to help you
decide the right hearing aid that suit
your need and budget.


Hearing Aid Products

Deciding your hearing aids can be difficult but we are here to help you choose the right solution to fit your budget and lifestyle


Book an appointment

Please book your appointment if you are ready to see us so we can serve you on your preferred day and time.


Custom Earmoulds
& Ear Plugs

Every ear is unique and we are passionate to  provide you quality handcrafted ear moulds and ear plugs.



Easily order your batteries and accessories online and we will send your order in front of your door.


At All Ears in Hearing, we pride ourselves on providing you with the best possible service & hearing care. As we are an independent, owner operated clinic and not owned by hearing aid manufacturers or large medical companies, you can be assured that you are getting the most appropriate hearing solution for your listening needs. Our prices are competitive & in some cases we can save you up to $5,000 on a pair of hearing devices.

Our Audiologists and Audiometrists are fully qualified and have the expertise to provide you with the most professional level of service.

Affordable hearing aids

We have a large selection of affordable hearing aids without sacrificing features that you may require. From Premium to Entry level, we got you covered.

We value great service

We strive to be excellent on what we do and we stand behind each product we offer to our clients, so let us know if we didn’t meet your expectation.

It’s about YOU!

We ensure you pick the right solution that meets your lifestyle and budget. We offer after care customer service so next time you need assistance, we are here to help.

Customer Care
Directly message us if you need help with your hearing aids.

Tips for family and friends
Communication is so important, so if you need to improve your speech understanding, we have tips that could help you.

Hearing tests and
Hearing loss

Taking a hearing tests is simple and painless. We measure your hearing loss and provide you a solution.

Check our guide chart for troubleshooting your hearing aids.

Hearing Program for Pensioners & Veterans
Find out more about the Australian Government Scheme for pensioners and veterans.

Choosing the right
hearing aid

We offer a broad range of hearing devices. We make it easy for you to choose which one suits you the best.

Tinnitus is very common and can be treated by your Audiologist. Visit us if you require assistance. Click here for more information

Batteries and Accessories
Come and drop by for your hearing aid needs, but if you don’t have the time, please check our shop online.

Difficulty hearing is a sign of hearing loss.

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Get your confidence back!

Hear clearer again!

Our Happy Clients

Deciding I finally needed hearing aids for my industrial deafness, I did some research before consulting the hearing providers for advice. I did some research before consulting the hearing providers for advice…
Kevin Tate
My mother contracted German measles when she was pregnant with me. Consequently, I was born deaf in my right ear and also with a hearing loss in my left ear. I really started to struggle with my hearing when I went into a people person job…
Stephen Walker
I want to write a testimonial, not so much about my hearing problems and the hearing aid that I acquired from All Ears in Hearing located at 3/1 Pannikin St Rochedale, but about the high standard of care that I received, while trying to find a hearing aid to suit my particular need…
Christine McLean

All Ears in Hearing Rochedale

00:43 24 Jan 17
The staff at All Ears in Hearing are excellent. They are very helpful and friendly. Rachel explained everything in detail and helped me chose the right hearing aids for me. I'm so happy that I can hear my grandchildren clearly - it's improved my quality of life so much!
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We value & appreciate your business with All Ears in Hearing. As we strive to excel in the hearing industry, we are honored to have clients like you. If you feel we have met your expectation, please leave a review by clicking this link.