Bluetooth capable hearing devices:

Hearing device technology continues to introduce exciting new options for connectivity to personal media devices, telephones and televisions to name a few.

One issue that was previously reported by hearing aid users was having difficulty conducting phone calls with either landline or mobile phones.
Many manufacturers now offer Bluetooth connectivity to landline and mobile phones. We enable this via a supplementary device that is worn which is synced to your phone. You simply answer the call by pressing the answer button on this device. You hear the call through the hearing aids, and the caller can hear you clearly via the supplementary device.

This technology is also available for watching television. Gone are the days where people with hearing difficulty have to rely only on headphones. Headphones certainly assist with the clarity of TV without large increases in volume. However headphones reduce the ability to communicate with others.

By adding a transmitter to the television you can watch TV at a volume suitable to you. The volume of other viewers is not affected by the use of wireless streamers, and you can still hear and converse with others.

The same supplementary device that allows clearer communication during phone calls can also be used for TV viewing. This device when being used for TV will still allow you to take a phone call. The device will automatically discount from the TV to allow you to take phone calls.

If this technology interest you, ask us for an obligation free trial of these technologies, there are several to choose from.