Overcoming Industrial Deafness

Deciding I finally needed hearing aids for my industrial deafness, I did some research before consulting the hearing providers for advice. It became frustrating when I was often recommended only one model with no comparison between brands. I like to be able to compare brands, features and prices before buying, to know I have made the right decision. A couple of the providers gave me a quick trial of a hearing aid in both ears while in the rooms, but one did not even give me a test fitting.

We phoned Rachel at All Ears in Hearing and explained that we wanted to be able to compare properly before deciding. At the appointment we were so very impressed to find that Rachel and Brad had done masses of research and had all the information ready for us with the computer set up to show us the features and explain the pros and cons of the different brands and models, along with brochures to take home.

What was especially helpful was that we could actually see and handle a dummy of each of the hearing aids, which was the exact opposite of many other places where we were expected to make a decision from a colour chart on the computer. Rachel and Brad even offered us a trial over the weekend, but at no time put pressure on us to decide quickly or even buy from them.

It’s great that Rachel and Brad have after hours appointments, as it is very easy to find a time to suit.

Many times Rachel contacted us with further information she had sourced re colours etc. When moulds were taken and fitted, nothing was too much trouble to get the fit exactly right. They certainly won our business hands down with their excellent and friendly service, competitive prices and ongoing after sales support.

Kevin Tate

Smartlink Hearing Aid

My mother contracted German measles when she was pregnant with me. Consequently, I was born deaf in my right ear and also with a hearing loss in my left ear. I really started to struggle with my hearing when I went into a people person job

I first met Brad and Rachel at one of their Open Days where they allowed me to trial a hearing aid. I didn’t realize how much I was missing out on! The TV volume went down and I could hear my family much more clearly.

I decided to purchase a hearing aid, but was in the process of buying property, so my finances were tied up for a couple of months. Brad and Rachel gave me a loan aid to use at no charge in the meantime. They even let me take it on holidays so I didn’t miss out on conversation with family.

I also decided to purchase Smartlink – an FM system to help me hear better when it’s noisy and in meetings. This device is great because I can hear better in meetings and can use my mobile phone hands free in the car via blue tooth technology in my Smartlink and phone.

Initially, we had some problems with background noise, but Brad, Rachel and Jenny from Phonak worked hard to make sure I got a good outcome. Nothing was a problem to make sure I was satisfied.

My family is happy that I have taken the steps to improve my hearing. My wife always makes sure that I am wearing the hearing aid – not that she needs to remind me. I would definitely recommend that if you have a hearing loss, go and see Brad and Rachel. You won’t regret it.

If you would like to talk to Mr Walker about his experience with hearing loss and hearing devices, you can email him at: unipark@wildit.net.au

Stephen Walker

Standard of Care

I want to write a testimonial, not so much about my hearing problems and the hearing aid that I acquired from All Ears in Hearing located at 3/1 Pannikin St Rochedale, but about the high standard of care that I received, while trying to find a hearing aid to suit my particular need. Rachel and Brad were very aware of my feelings throughout my ordeal and through the three months it took to find a suitable outcome. During all this time, they made me feel that I was an important customer, they displayed patience and understanding at all times and they were always ready with a smile and a positive outlook when I was feeling despondent. At times I felt very embarrassed to be causing them so much bother, and each of these times, they made me feel important and that nothing was too much trouble for them. I am very glad that I walked through their doors with my hearing loss. Thank you Rachel and Brad, for your caring attitude. I will certainly be pointing others in your direction.

Christine McLean

Customer Service

All Ears in Hearing really are “all ears” when it comes to customer service. Both Rachel & Brad have always been thoughtful, caring and helpful in providing prompt on-the-spot service with a smile. I would well recommend their service.

Lisa Rix

Totally satisfied with the aids and after sales service

I have suffered from a loss of hearing through industrial deafness for a number of years. I had approached hearing care specialists before but was uncomfortable with their advice and options. Recently I approached All Ears in Hearing and was impressed with the totally professional response to my hearing problem. I was able to ‘test drive’ the hearing aid before purchasing one without any obligation.

I have had my hearing aid for approximately 4 months and am totally satisfied with the aid and the excellent after sales service provided by Rachel and Brad. I have no hesitation in recommending All Ears in Hearing to anyone with a hearing loss problem.

Ross Hannan

Thank you Darryl

Thanks for your very professional service. This is what dad asked me to send you.

I have no hesitation in recommending All Ears In Hearing at Springwood, for the supply of hearing aids. I’ve been using  a hearing aid for more than 30 years.  The  service I received from Darryl Ward at Springwood out shone any I have received  from anywhere before. It was greatly appreciated. Again Darryl, dad was more than pleased with the entire package you presented to him. Well done.

Jim Underhill

Pleased with the hearing aids

Thanks to the time invested in my initial appointment and follow ups by Mr Darryl Ward, my transition to aids has been highly successful and I am extremely grateful.

B. Cattanach